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The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is located in the United States of America.

Geographical location:
Is a escenic trail. Is extending between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Kathadin in Maine. Is aproximately 3.505 km.

The weather is mainly cold.

Temperatures and precipitations along the year:
It rains a lot in all the seasons of the year, is a wet temperature forest. In the coats rains a lot, further north temperatures are characterized by hail, rain and cold in addition to various rainfall.

Flora and Fauna:

Fauna: Is the home of thousands of animals andangered species such as the american black bear is the biggest omnivore you can find in the trail, the rattlesnake, the deer, the elk that live in the mountains.

Flora: Plants life in the trail is varied. In the South the forest is dominated by hard wood as oaks and tulips trees. Further north, tulip trees are gradually replaced by maples and birches. Oaks begin to disappear in Massachusetts. By Vermont, the lowland forest is made up of maples, birch and beech, which provide spectacular foliage displays for hikers in September and October.

Threatened by humans:
No are threatened by humans, the most of the damage is occur form own errors or plants and animals.

The trail was conceived by Benton MacKaye. MacKaye's idea detailed a trail that would connect a series of farms and wilderness work/study camps for city-dwellers. In 1922, at the suggestion of Major William A. Welch, his idea was publicized by Raymond H. Torrey with a story in the New York Evening Post under a full-page banner headline reading "A Great Trail from Maine to Georgia!" The idea was quickly adopted by the new Palisades Interstate Park Trail Conference as their main project.

By: Eduardo Juárez, Ismael Ortiz, Adrian Sanchez Condado y Jorge Rico

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